Friday, August 24, 2012


One of the best things I've found in Iceland is The Heart Garden, a derelict city block, reclaimed by the community and transformed into a park. Located right in the centre of Reykjavik The Heart Garden attracts a really wide variety of people but not everyone appreciates that the park is maintained by volunteers.

When I arrived a team of kids had just finished painting a slide. Another group were building their own skate ramp. Murals surrounding the park were being renewed, DJs and musicians play on a makeshift stage, kids breakdance, People bring their own beers and the park emits a rare kind of happiness that's totally contagious.  All that's missing is a BBQ.

I spoke to one of the volunteer organisers named Tanya as she swept up some rubbish from the night before "Sometimes drunken fools trash it but we just clean it the next day. The kids help. People just need to realise we're doing this ourselves. That's when they start to respect the place but sometimes its seriously disappointing." 

But Tanya didn't seem disappointed when I met her because the Heart Garden was full of life and it was easy to see why anyone would want to contribute to such a gem.

Follow the Heart Garden on facebook: (hjARTpark (HjartagarĂ°urinn)

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